This section is here to provide information about procedures for aerobatic flying at Karlovy Vary airport and its vicinity. Other useful information for our members will be also published here.

Electronic log book

We use web-based system FligtOffice to track your flights and financial activities. Don't have login credentials yet? Don't hesitate to ask Jiří Duras to generate one for you!

Safety Management System

One of the Safety management system tools our club uses is Voluntary Occurrence Report. There is the opportunity for every club member to fill such an occurrence report using interface on these pages. The report can be filled anonymously. The report is sent to the hands of our Safety Officer, who then evaluates the risks. If you are ready to share your experience with others, please do not hesitate to do so using this form!
Thank you!


You can find all information about standard arrivals and departures to the airport on ANS pages, AIP section, AD/AD2.
Please pay attention mainly to section 2.21.2 in AD-2-LKKV-11, which deals with noise abatement procedures for aerobatics flights.

Thanks to understanding and helpful approach of air navigation services, we can use not only box directly above the aerodrome, but there are several dedicated areas where we can perform our trainign sessions.

These areas are defined horizontally by circle with radius of 2.5 km, as shown at the map and described by following table. Vertical limits are from 4000 ft AMSL up to FL 085 if not further limited by ATC clearance.

Every aerobatic pilot flying in our club needs to be familiar with those areas:

Doupov 1 Doupov 2 Sever Severozapad Jihozapad Jih Jihovychod
Aerodrome box