Zlín Z-50M
The plane Z-50 M is an all-metal monoplane with fixed landing gear. It was designed as aerobatic special, which is still used in aerobatic competitions today. Powerplant consists of a six-cylinder, inverted, four-stroke, air-cooled engine M-137A with automatically adjustable V503 metal blade propeller with a diameter of 2.0 m
Wingspan8.58 m
Length6.96 m
Height1.985 m
Empty weight540 kg
MTOW700 kg
Cruise speed234 km/h
Maximum speed305 km/h
Endurance1h 20min
Range230 km
Maximum power133 kW
Super Decathlon
Bellanca Decathlon is a US production high-wing monoplane with fixed landing gear. It is an aerobatic training aircraft that can withstand g-forces in the range of +6 g to -5 g.
Wingspan9.8 m
Length7 m
Height2.3 m
Empty weight608 kg
MTOW885 kg
Cruise speed206 km/h
Maximum speed320 km/h
Endurance4 hod 40min
Range906 km
PowerplantLycoming AEIO-360-H1B
Maximum power134.2 kW
Cessna C-172
Manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company,it was developed using the Model 170, which first flew in 1947. It evolved to today's legendary C172 aircraft, which does not need to be introduced to any pilot.

Wingspan11 m
Length8 m
Height2 m
Empty weight767 kg
MTOW1043 kg
Cruise speed180 km/h
Maximum speed296 km/h
Endurance5h 50min
Range1065 km
PowerplantLycoming O-320-E2D
Maximum power150 kW
Skyleader 400
SKYLEADER model JA-400 is a racy ‘sports car-inspired’ aircraft with new features such as side opening canopy, aggressive cowling and easily manouverable fixed gear. Having trapezoidal wings with 80 (120) liters of fuel endurance, available fuel injection and simple instrument panel, it appeals directly to sport aviation enthusiasts. The aircraft is designed for pilot training, recreational flying and for special operations.

Wingspan9.1 m
Length6.3 m
Height2.36 m
Empty weight320 kg
MTOW600 kg
Cruise speed175 km/h
Maximum speed260 km/h
Endurance4.5 h
Range850 km
PowerplantContinental O-200D
Maximum power100 kW